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Buy 500 youtube views $1 is an effective channel promotion tool based on the mechanism of attracting potential followers due to a significant increase in the video’s parameters. In other words, a large number of views creates the effect of demand - users see that your video is often watched, so they also launch it.

However, to buy views on YouTube, no matter how effective it is, this is only one of the steps to successfully promote and display videos in the "Recommended". This is not a panacea, because if, for example, your content is frankly low quality and you release videos once a week or less, then no cheating will help.

An important question is which SMM service to apply for the markup, because in RuNet dozens of sites offer this service, and everyone claims that he is the best in his field. Well, lets pay attention to conceptual points that will help in choosing a service:

The most obvious parameter is the ratio of price and quality of services. Cheating itself is an inexpensive service, because you will get bots to cheat, not living people. Therefore, just compare prices and those services that openly “tear up” it, pass by.
The second point is the volume and variety of services. It is always better to opt for services that can add not only views, but also likes, friends, comments and other parameters. Because for successful promotion, all aspects are important.
Also note that you are unscrupulously lying to any service that claims that you can buy cheap YouTube views from it and these will be live user accounts. Because no one physically can have a regular staff of a couple of thousand, even remote partners, who will watch your video on command within the agreed period of time.
And finally, reviews. Do not be lazy in the search engine to drive in the name of the service, adding the word "reviews" at the end. But be careful - consider not only the number of positive and negative reviews, but also their content.
Buying views on YouTube today is very simple, but first you need to understand the mechanism of action of this service. After all, if you do not know what this product is for you, how can you use it effectively? Although the answer is actually very simple - cheating views allows you to attract users who could potentially become your subscribers. If we consider the issue in more detail, it works as follows:

You have a young channel, you regularly release quality videos, but ... views are growing slowly, and the number of followers is even slower. And all because hundreds of videos on your topic appear on YouTube every day and standing out among them is a big problem.

But here you can use the principle of "Social evidence". This is a psychological principle according to which a person always chooses what is more popular. Well, you yourself are more likely to watch a video with 5,000 views, preferring it to a video that has only a couple of hundred views.
Therefore, from several videos on the same topic, the user always selects the one that is more popular. And popularity is determined by the number of views. Moreover - a video with a large number of views is located higher in the search results.

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